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'A new book isn't twice as good to read, it only cost twice as much to buy!'

About Us

Lovely Words from A Customer

There is a place on our Main street where Glengarry folks love to meet, A treasured source of local lore, it is called the R and L Bookstore. Novels of old are there for sale, Ralph Connor shares tales of our dale, Charles Dickens, and George Eliot too, bring stories on the past they knew.

Then there are works of today, Grisham and Dan Brown have their say, Margaret Atwood shines so bright, sharing her vision and insight. Fine poetic works are also there, yes, Donne, Blake, and Keats they do share. The poems of Shelled are there too, along with texts to aid our view.

Local poets sang loud and clear about Glengarry’s past so dear, Dorothy Dumbrille so refined, wrote poems of the finest kind. Douglas Fales speaks so clear and true of the trade folk that he once knew. Both of them shed light on the past in verses that will surely last.

The Bookstore is a special place, where works of art are given space, along with local arts and craft, the store is also warmly staffed. It truly is a fine resource, as our learning takes its course, making our community, a really pleasant place to be.

A Little About Shipping

As we have such a variety in size and weight among the books we stock, we do not offer standard shipping rates. If you would like to have an order shipped to you because you cannot come and pickup in store, then we are more than willing to work on a solution with you. For shipping questions call us at 613-525-9940.

Buy Used, Save Money, Help the Planet

Most of our books are considerably cheaper when compared to listings on Amazon and Google (up 75% less). Not only can you save a considerable amount of money on your books, you are also helping contribute to a cycle of product reuse and helping to limit single-consumption goods. 

Open but Maintaining Social Distancing

With all that has been going on in our world related to Covid-19, we have taken extra steps to make our store safer for our customers. We have our floor marked with the appropriate spacing markers, as well as hand sanitizer available. We also maintain a thorough cleaning standard for all books that come into the store.